The orphanage is located in “TOUBA, SENEGAL" which is one of the largest cities in Senegal with lot of needs to be met.

There orphans between the ages of 1 to 36 months that aren’t been cared for but specialized  structures.

The characters of the religious city of Touba doesn’t allow the structures to be implanted which make it necessary to set up a framework that confront with the city’s standards.

Moreover, many families are faced with difficulties including child deceases, luck of care and accidents that could have been prevented. The luck of means make it difficult for these families to fully provide for their young ones.


The orphanage is in a location that is very well ventilated and safe for the orphans to grow in an environment suitable for their development.


For the safety of the orphans, the facility also has a security guard and social worker.


Before the orphans are admitted, a mandatory medical exam is required. Regular checkups and follow-ups are performed throughout the year. There is the existence of a partnership between the orphanage and the city of Touba’s health structure.


The orphans are provided with milk, baby bottles etc…which are provided by the orphanage and donations.


Because of goodwill, funding of the orphanage has been possible.


The Health Service of Touba regularly inspects the orphanage facility for cleanliness and insures that requirements are being met.

For Fun:

We abide with the city’s rules and regulations.

Social Aspects:

The orphanage facility is opened to the community, to resources, to technical services and to the justice system.


The general objective is to provide a sanctuary for the orphans in order to keep them from getting transferred to other facilities. We offer an environment of legal and moral guarantees secured by psychosocial, medical and nutritional support from the age of 1 to 36 months.

The Orphanage:

The premises currently consist of a two story building:

The 1st floor has 3 large rooms, 2 storage units, 2 bathrooms and 1 courtyard.

The 2nd floor has 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 3 livingrooms, 1 public bathroom and 1 kitchen.

The supply of water and the access of electricity are ensured.

The maximum capacity is 50 children

The number of beds is 12.

There is also an infirmary on-site and voluntary doctors to care for the orphans.