City of the Orphan Keur Mame Diarra


City of the Orphan “Keur Mame Diarra”

The conditions under which we are working are far from ideal. Among other things, the premises, we are currently using, were not designed for the services we provide. Therefore, we are limited on the number of children we can welcome.

As it can be imagined, we have a very high demand and we often reject applications from orphans who have the greatest needs of being accommodated in a structure that provided them with minimal living conditions.

So we are working on a project to build the Orphelin City Keur Mame Diarra in Darou Khadim, located at Km 08 Belel road in northern Touba. This city will have nurseries, kindergartens, a health facility, separate housing for boys and girls, a mosque, offices for the administration, Coranic and Franco-Arab schools, a vocational training center to give beneficiaries the means to take charge later and be useful to their societies.